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3D - Conversor de archivos - Polytrans

Polytrans es un programa para intercambiar archivos 3D entre diferentes formatos, los mas usados en el mercado.

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PolyTrans (and its bigger brother 'NuGraf') provide a complete set of precise and quality import/export converters for the most popular industry standard 3d model formats. The design philosophy behind their development since 1988 has been to create a set of ideal translators that can convert entire files from one format to another in a manner such that the exported file can be loaded and rendered in a target animation system with little or no changes necessary.

For those wary of the capabilities of a 3D data translation product, consider that the Okino supported file formats listed on this page are in continuous use around the world for every conceivable type of professional 3D activity, ranging from conversions for online 3D model databases, to movie production, to multi-media content development, to 3D game development and so forth. As such the converter implementations are stable and well tested. You can test the converters for yourself by downloading the demos from the links shown above.

As a statement of our commitment to this development process, we typically allocate at least 4 to 6 man months of time to the development, evolution and refinement of each converter set until they closely mimic the source/destination animation system. Most of our converters have been in continual development and refinement for years (16 years for IGES, 13 for Wavefront, 12 for 3DS, 10 for Lightwave, 10 for DXF, 10 for Quickdraw-3D, 9 for SoftImage, 8 for OpenFlight, 8 for 3DS MAX plug-in system, 7 for Maya plug-in system and so on) and as such are well tested and used throughout the world.

Most Recent File Format Additions

CATIA v4 .model. .dlv, .exp and .session CAD importer based on the Spatial software components.

CATIA v5 .CATPart and .CATProduct CAD importer based on the Spatial + Dassault Systèmes software components.

ACIS SAT/SAB CAD importer based on the Spatial modeling engine, for 100% robust and reliable conversion of ACIS BREP solids.

NGRAIN 3KO (3D Knowledge object) custom exporter module, for use in NGRAIN’s downstream interactive 3D installation, maintenance and repair training applications.

V4 Added File Formats

Version 4 PolyTrans & NuGraf now include these additional import/export converters (some of these converters are sold as optional add-on licenses):

The full suite of PTC Granite CAD solids importers (ACIS® SAT®, IGES, Parasolid®, ProE native®, Pro/DESKTOP®, STEP and VDA-FS).

Autodesk® Inventor® CAD solids importer (works with or without local copy of Autodesk Inventor).

Third generation PolyTrans-for-MAX native plug-in system with full object+camera animation (procedural or keyframe controllers), hierarchy, mesh skinning, skeleton and "Okino Arctic Toolkit" support. This is a completely new plug-in system for 3ds max, a mirror twin and sibling to the newest PolyTrans-for-Maya native plug-in system.

Third generation PolyTrans-for-Maya native plug-in system with added mesh skinning, skeleton and "Okino Arctic Toolkit" support.

Softimage|XSI import and export converters with full mesh skinning (enveloping) support.

Dedicated and native PolyTrans-for-XSI plug-in for Softimage|XSI. Allows all of the supported Okino import and export converter file formats to be accessed inside the user interface of XSI (from the File/Import and File/Export menus).

Dedicated and native PolyTrans-for-Director plug-in for Macromedia Director. Allows all of the supported Okino import converter file formats to be accessed inside the user interface of Director (from the Xtras menu).

Autodesk FilmBox (FBX) import converter, as fully described on this WEB page. Includes smooth skinning and skeleton import support.

Biovision and Acclaim import and export motion capture converters.

AutoCAD DWG import with built in support for embedded ACIS SAT solids.

VRML1/Inventor import

Adobe Illustrator path + Bezier curves import (ideal for 3d text import)

Rhino-3D v2 and v3 OpenNURBS import and export

DirectX import (with full DirectX 8.1 skinning support), as well as an augmented DirectX exporter with full DirectX 8.1 skinning support.

Protein Database import. PDB and Molecule (.mol) support. Third major revision. Very complete and refined.

GameExchange-II import and export

Electric Image FACT import and export

Version v4.1 ships with an extensive new multi-media viewer and editor plug-in system. This supports dozens of additional 2D bitmap file formats, as well as DirectX and QuickTime video file formats, and Flash file import. Please click here to review the full online help system (in Windows Help format) for the multi-media editor plug-in system.
For the newly evolving X3D file format (see www.web3d.org), levels 1 and 2, this is basically an XML version of the VRML 2.0 file format specification. When X3D to VRML 2.0 converters become available (which is the entire point of the X3D initiative - to make X3D easily read by any VRML 2.0 compliant browser), you can use them at that time to convert from X3D to VRML 2.0, then import into Okino's strong VRML 2.0 importer.

Version 2.2.30 Added 3D File Formats

The following new file formats are available via paid upgrades for existing v1 and v2 PolyTrans and NuGraf users (depending upon the date which the original software was purchased).
XGL import (for import of textured polygon data from most CAD packages)

VRML2 import (a very strong and useful importer!)

Viewpoint VET/Metastream exporter, including object animation support.

Native plug-in version of PolyTrans for Maya.

Lightwave 6.5/7.5 import and export converters. Newly rewritten from v5.6 LW.

Solid Edge import converter, now with new native import support.

SolidWorks import converter, now with new native import support.

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